Who We Are

Our Reasoning:

 “Where We Stand” is a gathering of regular people who are unsatisfied with the current message of environmentalists on the subject of climate change. Decades of fear mongering about climate change has yielded unsatisfactory responses from the general public. If we continue own this road, it might just be the last thing we ever do.  What about YOUR situation is keeping you from acting? Why might YOUR town be opposed to new climate legislation? Why would some in YOUR region resort to denying the effects of climate change?  How would YOU like to work with us so that we can solve this problem while still protecting your livelihood? We want YOU to answer those questions in an article that we may publish for all to see.  

Our Reason


What we read online or see on the news is often from the perspective of a very small percentage of our population. Even with all the things we can do, some people still cannot find time to help us fight climate change. Through this website, we gladly open up a new option for them. We believe the voices of regular people are the most important as they are the responses to the actions of environmentalists and politicians. 

Our Inspiration

Is all of you. 

Is all of those who worked hard to go us to where we are today.

Is all of those who sacrificed themselves for science, for humanity. 

Is all of those who stood up to authority.

And is all of those who await the opportunity to do such noble things.