How Can I Submit My Own Article?

It will take a few steps...

Where We Stand is a user-powered platform, run by those who wish to share their stories, opinions, suggestions, and critiques. Here are a few simple steps on how to get your article featured on this website:

Step One: Finding An Idea

This website shares climate change stories that often differ from the things we normally share on climate change. We want to hear stories about us as we are the problem. What lessons have we learned already but continue to ignore? What does it say about us that we can't solve this issue quickly? These types of ideas are not discussed nearly enough, and as a result, people do not feel passionately enough about this issue. We need to make people understand that if they join us on this journey of fixing our climate, they will be a part of something far greater than all of us combined. This is something that talking about extreme weather could not accomplish.

Step Two: Length

The length of your article does not matter. Do try and keep it short and simple, however.  

Step Three: Details

When submitting your articles, please attach an imagine that you want as the cover, any other images you want to include, and where those images should be placed. Please also show which lines you would like to be quoted, lines that you feel are very important. Please limit this to around 3 quotes, and roughly 10-50 words each. 

Step Four: Read Fine Print


Do not submit anyone else's work unless you can provide proof of their consent.  

Do not submit stolen work.

By submitting writing to us, you accept that we will retain full ownership of the writing. We, however, will not edit it.

If there is an issue with a published article, we will remove it and notify the submitter.

We reserve the right to remove any article at any time for any reason.

Step Five: Submission And Notification

You can submit your article, with all other information, to

Please state that you accept the term and conditions stated directly above.

Please wait 1-3 business days while we read the article, and judge if it is right for this website. You will get a message back regardless of it being accepted or not. In some cases, we may speak with you with suggestions or ideas that you could add. We, however, will not tamper with your article. You are the author, not us.